I grew up on 40th and Carolina, and I remember waiting every day for my dad to get off work so we could go to Pt Fermin Park. We would always stop at Walker’s so he could get a beer and I could get a soda. As an adult, it’s my favorite place to stop by when I’m out walking my dogs or coming home from a hike on the coast. Please save this place so my children can grow up stopping at Walker’s on our trips to the park like I used to.
Katina Kaliterna

I was raised in San Pedro, and some of my best childhood memories surround that Cafe. Including my dad getting us bikes that looked like motorcycles, taking us to Point Fermin to ride, then letting us park next to the motorcycles before going into Walker’s Cafe for candy food.
Krystal Dennis

I lived in San Pedro for 58 years. I was around the area of Walkers cafe nearly every week. I took my niece and nephew there for lunch after walking. My nephew took his friends after school when he was going to San Pedro High. This is a San Pedro icon / historical landmark. Please save this establishment.
Lynn Ann Coffman

Not only is it a landmark with unmatched history, it is one of the first places I visited when I moved to San Pedro. The customers and the staff are like family. So many great memories there! And of course it is in many iconic movies like Chinatown!
Daniel Rodemsky

I love this Cafe! It’s almost been in business for 100 years. It’s imperative that we save a cultural treasure such as this. The City of San Pedro owes it to the community and the history of this city.
Kevin Trujillo

We have been visiting Pt. Fermin park for 60 years. My mother visited the park since the 1930s. I always remember seeing Walker’s Cafe. I would hate to see history removed from Pt. Fermin.
Nina Curone

Another timeless treasure could be lost. We need to keep the spirit of community that this restaurant represents.
J Pecorella